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Karma Operates in 3 Verticals

Karma has technical expertise in three verticals in the technology space.  We have executed several high profile projects in these domains and have a ferocious appetite for the most difficult projects that most others shops do not have the aptitude to execute.

Smartphone App Development

We will Plan, Design, Develop and Deploy the best mobile applications for your business. Whether you want Android, iOS, Windows or all of them, talk to us. We create beautiful mobile apps for existing businesses and corporates as well as the next killer app for new startups. We also specialize in building highly scalable backends for your applications. We have a focus on integrating the latest technologies on all platforms and have already deployed apps for Google Wear as well as Apple HealthKit and HomeKit.

Web Development

Whether you want a website for your business or you want to build a next generation web application using the latest web frameworks, our web development team is the one you want to engage. We can create a beautiful website for your requirements and taste in as little as a week. We also have massive experience deploying web applications for teams using the latest frontend and backend technologies including AngularJS, Node.JS and hosting on AWS, Azure and Google AppEngine.

Office IT Solutions

Our Office IT Solutions team has only one task — to take away the headache for managing your IT requirements. Whether you want help planning the IT needs of your new office or you need advice on upgrading and maintaining your existing IT infrastructure, we can work with you. From a small office to MNCs, we handle everything — CCTV, IP Telephony, Access Control, LAN Networking, Storage Solutions, Hardware Solutions, Printing  Solutions and the works.

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Why choose karma

Karma has a focus and a proven track record for delivering products that are well conceived, brilliantly designed and with robust functionality!


At Karma, we design by seeking to build experiences that surprise and enlighten our users in equal measure. Design is where Karma excels above the competition.


There are two ways of constructing a software design: One way is to make it so simple that there are obviously no deficiencies, and the other way is to make it so complicated that there are no obvious deficiencies. At Karma, we go with the first approach.


Karma streamlines the software deployment and update process for the most common solutions– for us, getting the product ready is only the job half done. We consider deploying and maintaining the product as critical at design and development itself.

Some of the companies that uses Karma

Each type of hosting service we provide is further optimized with unique performance tweaks!

What people say

We were worried about quality when outsourcing to India, but with Karma -- the quality and the communication were both top notch.
Martin Lucia CEO & Founder Geckoos
When most other companies turned down our proposal for custom fire safety app for one of our requirements for a client citing the idea to be too complex, Karma stepped
Akash Ajmera Director at ADN Fire Safety
What impressed us most about Karma & its team was the Quality of the deliverable. Our entire office IT was so well integrated with the custom management software that they
Harsh Thakkar MD Of Pinnacle Securities

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