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17 May

Announcing the launch of PurplKite

PurplKite is a hyperlocal on-demand delivery platform. PurplKite allows the user to request for a delivery to complete a local intercity pick up and drop on-demand. When the user requires an item to be picked up from a specific location and to be dropped of at another location, the user can request for a delivery boy.
By using their extensive network of delivery boys spread across the city, the operations team is able to very easily support the request for on-demand pick-ups from a large number of users very efficiently.
The operations is very heavily supported by cutting edge technology making operations very efficient as well as very seamless.The technology has two main facets: An Android App for the End User and An Android App for the Delivery Boys. Both are powered by a powerful and robust backend server.
The app allows the user to check the availability of all the nearby “Kiteans” (delivery boys) and then place an order for a “Pick & Drop” – the user can place an order with immediate effect or can have it scheduled for a specific time in the future. Once the order has been confirmed, the user can choose to pay directly in the app using a Payment Gateway or using Cash at either the pick up place or the drop off location. The user can then track the delivery boy in real time.

The platform also offers another unique feature : “Get Me Something”. Using this the user can request for a specific set of items and also optionally specify a vendor. The Kitean will then procure these items either from the specified vendor or from an appropriate vendor and will deliver these items to the location specified by the user. The user will require to pay for the delivery charges as well as the charges for the item at the time of the dropoff.
Android Studio
Google Maps API
Push Notifications
SMS Integration
Real Time Location Updates and Tracking using a Socket Connection

Geo-Fencing Boundaries using Geographic Polygons to identify serviceable areas.
Real Time tracking and updates on the location and movement of the delivery boys.
Handshaking mode – Allows one delivery to be completed by a series of delivery boys using a relay mechanism making use of two-wheelers and trains to effectively cover large distances in a cost effective manner.
Extensive and very creative use of all facets of Google Mapping API’s – Geocoding, Autocomplete Predictions, Distance Matrix, Google Maps API, Google Maps for Android API and several others.
GPS Turn By Turn Directions for the Delivery Boys

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26 Jul

Our First Experiences with the Apple Watch Development.

Some of the key concepts that every developer needs to know about prior to starting development for the Watch are covered here: WatchKit apps and extensions, Glances, Notifications, and hybrid development patterns. Later we will delve into some of the more advanced topics and highlight some of the enhancements made to Apple’s SDK in the area of Auto Layout, tables, segues, and other advanced features of the WatchKit SDK.

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15 Apr
13 Apr

Mobile First – Welcome to the New World Order

Mobile First – Welcome to the New World Order

For your app to succeed, you need a smart business strategy, a killer UI/UX design, and a talented mobile development team. Good news – you’ve come to the right source. In the glut of ho-hum mobile apps, we don’t settle for good. We shoot for amazing, and that’s where we can take you – if you’re ready. Innovative mobile business strategies. Beautiful user experience designs. Powerful agile app development. Stand-out launch marketing. Comprehensive product lifecycle management. That’s the mobile-first metaverse we’re creating.

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07 Apr

Hello World : Announcing the Launch of Karma Tech Solutions

It’s a golden time for technology in India and the world over. New businesses are won and lost on the basis of technical competence and technological innovations. Although a large majority of businesses have realized this, the entire process to building the technological edge in your own business domain is still a tricky maze to navigate. The number of technologies and platforms to achieve the exact same goal are infinite and the nuances, benefits and annoyances of each technology are lost on even the best solution providers.

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