07 Apr

Hello World : Announcing the Launch of Karma Tech Solutions

Making the Right Technical Decisions


Hello World : Announcing the Launch of Karma Tech Solutions. It’s a golden time for technology in India and the world over. New businesses are won and lost on the basis of technical competence and technological innovations. Although a large majority of businesses have realized this, the entire process to building the technological edge in your own business domain is still a tricky maze to navigate. The number of technologies and platforms to achieve the exact same goal are infinite and the nuances, benefits and annoyances of each technology are lost on even the best solution providers.

That’s the single most important focus for launching Karma :  Let us make the best technology decisions for your business. 

In the current times, it is very critical for every single business to have a spectacular website. What platform your website is built on will depend on what is comfortable for your web developer and not based on the actual needs of your business requirements. A web development company which is familiar with WordPress — will shove a WordPress website down your throat whether it makes the most business sense on not. 6 months down the line, if you want to add more functionality and web based applications to your existing site ? You’re out of luck. At Karma, the technology decisions are based purely on your requirements and business needs. We are able to do this, since we have a very broad set of skills and experience with almost all of the popular technology platforms. When it comes to web development, we have experience building Company and Brand websites on WordPress, building moderately complex Web Applications on Drupal as well as building completely custom web applications using PHP & Python running on AWS. Take a look at our Web Development offerings.


 Tackling the Mobile First World

There’s no mistaking it, we are now fully in a Mobile First World. Your primary interfacing paradigm has to be the smartphone screen. Your customers, your user, your suppliers & vendors as well as your employees should be able to interface easily and intuitively with your applications.


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