06 May

Karma Launches Apple Watch & Android Wear App Development

Karma Launches Apple Watch & Android Wear App Development

For the wearable space, it has been an exciting year. Beginning with the launch of Pebble and Android Wear and culminating with the release of Apple Watch this month, it’s time to officially welcome this new screen size into our daily lives.

Our app development team has been busy playing around with the Apple Watchkit SDK and the Android Wear SDK over the past six months and we are pleased to be releasing our first set of wearable apps for both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store.

For the Apple Watch, we have now begun testing our apps on an actual Apple Watch and are very excited with the prospects of all the innovative use cases we can bring to your Smart Wrist now.

For Android Wear, we already have been testing on the LG G Watch and are also preparing our apps for the Round Watches and are already upgrading our existing Wear apps to add support for the upcoming Android 5.0 update for the Android Wear platform.

At Karma, we are most excited about the new possibilities that a device that is always on your wrist can bring to app development. From Health and Fitness trackers to Smart Home and IoT solutions as well as generic To-Do list and Reminder apps, each will be able to leverage the new platform and come up with innovative ideas that were not possible earlier.

If you are looking to develop an app for Apple Watch and Android Wear platforms, do get in touch with us. We would love to show you the work we have done so far as well as share our ideas and experiences with you.

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