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Starcast is a talent listing and discovery platform for Artists and Performers in a wide range of categories. Starcast is a truly global platform with a very high focus on allowing the artists and performers to present their talents and portfolio in the most visually appealing and striking manner.

Starcast allows the performers to create a very detailed and descriptive profile. The profile is extremely comprehensive allowing the artists to capture all the details including Reference Links to their profiles on different portals, Physical Characteristics and Detailed Physical Measurements and Physical Attributes. It also allows them to very comprehensively select their skills from a very comprehensive list of skills for each type of talent. The artists can upload their portfolio in the form of Audio, Video and Images. They have the option of posting links from Youtube, Vimeo and Soundcloud as well. The artists can list the awards and prizes they have won.

The Artists can also post their personalized content on their Activity Feed which allows theirs Fans and Followers to track.

The Starcast Platform is also open to Talent Seekers and Talent Representatives. In order to facilitate easy conversations and interactions, the platform has a built in messaging system which allows the Artists and Talent to communicate with each other as well as with the other users of the platform.

The Karma team has built a very powerful search mechanism for the Application. The users can make use of highly precise Filters to locate the exact set of Artists as per their requirements. The Search Algorithm also pays attention to the varied nuances of the Skills selected by the Artists to make present the most likely candidates first.

Project Description

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Announcing the launch of – Talent Listing & Discovery Web App. The Node.js team at Karma Tech Solutions is proud to announce the launch of its latest project :

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Date May 17, 2016
Categories Branding, Server, Web Design, Website

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