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Building for the web gives you a whole range of choices and unlimited options. Should you choose a CMS or build your own custom site ? You could incorporate both. Should you run your server on Amazon AWS or on a Web Hosting service ? Should I use AngularJS or Node.JS ? With the right information, most of these questions have obvious answers. Let us decide the best solution for your project.


Need a professional looking website with robust content management and a blog ? We’d suggest WordPress if you don’t need a lot of custom functionality. With a huge developer community and abundance of modules — WordPress is an easy choice.


Drupal is a very good foundation for a Web Application of medium complexity. It’s a good compromise between building your custom solution and using an overtly simple CMS System.

Custom Web Application

Want to build the next big idea? We can build completely custom web applications from the ground up for your innovative idea. Our expertise in PHP and Python comes very handy. This also provides REST endpoints for your mobile apps.

Responsive Website

In this day and age, it is absolutely necessary for your website or web application to work seamlessly on any screen size. All our web products are always responsive – build once, use everywhere — Smartphones, Tablets and Computers.

Scalable Cloud Hosting

We have great experience in working with AWS to make your web based offering highly scalable. From handling your first 100 beta testers to your first million users — we can do it in a seamless, transparent  and effective manner so you only pay for what you use.

Blazing Fast Frontend

We take the speed of your web application as our utmost priority. From using the right tools such as Node.JS and Sails to using the latest frontend technology in the form of AngularJS, we make sure your web application will have the most blazing fast frontend possible.


We are well versed in developing professional looking websites and web applications for product and service oriented companies. We have experience building and rolling out web real estate based on the most popular Content Management Systems — WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5 and others.


Want to build an e-commerce platform ? You have come to the specialists. We handle everything for your e-commerce platform — right from the design and development of the website and the apps – right to integrating with your payment gateway and integration with your logistics company and taxation software.


For our custom web solutions, we can work on a number of leading front end technologies as may be required for your specific use cases. We have deployed several projects using jQuery and AngularJS. These newer technologies offer huge opportunities for innovative web controls as well as very fast websites.


Getting your backend architecture and infrastructure right at the start is supremely crucial. We strive to design and architect the best performing and most scalable backend as our first goal in designing any web application. Right from the DB Schema to the CPU Architecture of the Server, we make sure every detail is optimized.

Cloud Hosting-AWS, NetMagic

Scalable Cloud Hosting is an absolute must in the current environment. It not only assures 24×7 availability for any size of visitors, it also ensures that you pay exactly what you need to and not a penny more. We have deployed innumerable websites to AWS and have also deployed PCI-DSS compliant backends with NetMagic.

Design-Adobe Creative Cloud

Even the best performing and feature rich website will not be able to retain its customers if it does not invoke the right emotions. This is where good design is very critical. Design for us is as important as robust and optimized code is. Our team of talented developers have several years of designing some of the most beautiful websites.

Complete Web Solutions

SEO/SEM-Google Webmaster, Ad Words,Ad Mob

Special focus on SEO and SEM right from ideation of the website. Rich Metadata Tagging and Keyword Optimization. Each Web solution is fully integrated with Google Webmaster & Bing along with Ad Words and Ad Mob for a highly visible and optimized website.

Maps, Payment Gateway, API, SMS, Email & Live Support Integration

Globally evolve e-business niches with best-of-breed technology. Monotonectally iterate backend infomediaries for excellent manufactured products. Dramatically disseminate


Every click, every page load and every bounce is captured with the most minute of details. Get a detailed insight into your visitors habits. We integrate with Google Analytics, Mixpanel and Flurry or any other Analytics Provider as per your need.

24/7 secure monitoring

We build secure websites and make sure that the only changes on the website are the ones approved by you. We continuously monitor all our websites using tracking software to make sure there no malicious changes being made.



Wordpress CMS


Drupal CMS


Joomla CMS


Angular JS


HTML 5 Websites

Node.JS & Sails

Node.JS, Sails






Ruby on Rails

Ruby On Rails

.Net & C#


C C++ Java

C C++ Java


Logo & Theme

Logo and Theme

Color Palette

Color Palette

Animated Videos

App Marketing videos, User Tutorial videos and App Preview videos for mobile apps & websites.

Workplace Photoshoot

Professional Photoshoot of your workplace and employees for Social Media and Digital Marketing Videos

Product Photoshoot

Professional Photoshoot of your product for your Website, Apps and Marketing and Promotional Material.


AWS, Azure, Netmagic

Amazon Web Services Azure NetMagic Google AppEngine Google Cloud Endpoints


REST Web Services Providing an API for your apps and other products

SEO/SEM & Analytics

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Analytics tracking

Payment Processor

Payment Processor Integration

SMS & Email

SMS Integration
Email Integration

Product, Brand or Company Websites

We build well designed and engaging websites for your brand or your product. These websites are usually built with a CMS and once deployed, allow you to update your website using a very simple interface.

Web Based Product

We build custom web based applications for your next big idea. This usually involves a custom web server running on a scalable cloud platform. Also the recommended approach for a product that needs to support mobile apps with a REST API. This is our area of expertise and where we get to shine.

eCommerce Platform

We also build eCommerce platforms for our clients. eCommerce platforms have a special set of needs in terms of Content Management and integration with Payment Processors, SMS Services and Logistics API. We have deep experience with the same.

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